Changing of the Seasons

It’s been a busy beginning to the year here at Vermont Local Roads, and an update to this blog is way overdue. With the first day of Spring approaching at the end of the week, and unseasonably warm temperatures at our office in the Champlain Valley, those long winter days appear to be getting behind us- this week at least until a late winter storm swoops in and surprises us. Snow is still hanging around in many parts of the state.

 With the hope of warm weather arriving to stay how are municipalities out there preparing for the spring maintenance season? Any questions on grading, winter clean-up, etc..?  

 Vermont Local Roads is holding a number of workshops in the coming weeks- expect to receive flyers in the mail soon for upcoming April and May workshops. We are still accepting applications for the fourth installment of our Management Academy until April 1 (no joke). The M.A. is open to anyone who has completed roads scholar Level 1, or has at least 60 hours of training. Waste water operators may be eligible for recertification hours based on their level of certification. In the M.A., experienced leaders present topics focusing on public works and roads in 10 dynamic workshops over two years designed to address key management and leadership principles necessary for managers, supervisors, and those aspiring to be leaders. Additional information is available on our Web site.

 Budget Workshop

 A Public Works Budgeting Workshop was held in Berlin, on February 23. Before over 30 people with varying budget experience, former Vermont Local Roads Director Hank Lambert gave a comprehensive look at what it takes to devise a budget, then turn around and get a select board to buy into it.

 Group work and discussion complemented Hank’s instruction. A culmination of the day’s lesson was a breakout group exercise intended to simulate pitching a budget line item addition to address a problem to a hypothetical select board. The five groups spent 20 minutes preparing their pitches, and then representatives for the group sat across the table from a mock board and made their presentations.

Participants in the Public Works Budgeting Workshop in Berlin, on Feb. 23, discuss budgeting strategies during a group exercise.

We are still looking for the first comment on this blog. Don’t be shy, join the discussion today. Topics we discuss here can be totally up to you.


About vtlocalroads

The Vermont Local Roads Program at Saint Michael’s College is part of the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), a nationwide effort financed jointly by the Federal Highway Administration and individual State Departments of Transportation. Its purpose is to provide road and bridge know-how to municipal people involved with highways. There are LTAP Centers in 50 states and Puerto Rico and six Native American locations. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations presented on this page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of FHWA, VAOT or Saint Michael’s College. All references to proprietary items in this publication are not endorsements of any company or products. Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation, the Vermont Local Roads Program provides information, training and technical assistance to cities, towns and villages in Vermont. This is done by newsletters, seminars and workshops, distribution of publications and by response to requests.
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